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I am Amy Williams, author, speaker, and Founder of Parenting Through Prana. I provide heart-centered solutions to help people love the life they are living. I am a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling mama and have taught online for The BEarth Institute. I love drinking tea, making fiber arts, and my sweet newfypoo, Mabel.

My Story...

I have been an MCKS Pranic Healer for over 11 years and I practice an Arhatic Yoga lifestyle. My work is a mashup of all the influences in my life up to this point from anthropology, energy medicine, child-rearing, my spiritual practices, and my interest in neuroscience. Throughout my time discovering and learning more in each of these areas one thing became immensely clear, the heart is our greatest tool in this life and by learning how to work with it we can live a life we love. 

Just knowing the power of our hearts wasn't enough for me. I asked everyday for many years how I could make connecting with our hearts a living practice through each day so we could have more inner peace. I wanted something so simple and practical that it could be done in traffic or while changing dirty diapers, because most of us can't take a full-on meditation break every time our nervous system is stressed out. We also can't always immediately leave an uncomfortable situation. Above all, what I was asking for had to be accessible for everyone; crossing all socioeconomic, gender, lifestyle, cultural, and upbringing divisions. It had to be an ultimate, higher level of truth for human beings. Finally, I connected enough dots and the answer became clear. 

In my books I assemble the basis of what I teach, making it digestible and easy to apply.  I highly suggest taking time between each chapter to practice so you can feel the full impact within yourself.  

I am immensely grateful to all of the amazing teachers I have had in my life who have helped me anchor this heart-centered paradigm, not only into my work, but also into my life. 

Pain Pathways In The Brain

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What People Are Saying...

Happy Words

“I love every aspect of this course you have created for children to be mindful and apply this to their everyday lives. This has been a needed and simplistic approach to one learning to be courteous and respectful without the harsh and negative teachings that produce fear in our society. This approach also opens the mind to a closer feel for one's inner self. Promotes healing before an issue needs to be healed. I hold much love and respect for you and your efforts! Thank you.”

Kohana Tahatan Founder: "The Star-Seed and Old Soul Tribe" of Unconditional Love & Wisdom

“Working with Amy has brought a sense of significant peace & being at ease into my day to day life, and I'm so thankful for the blessing of education and empowerment she brings to her community!”

Nikohl Wulfsberg, Mom

“It's nice to get tips that work on improving parenting”

Sandya Mohabir, Mom

“Amy is a very intuitive and tuned in healer and I think its absolutely beautiful the way she brings that knowledge of energy into the awareness of how to raise children in a healthy way. Will definitely be tuning in with her more when it comes time for us to have kids of our own! Beautiful work Amy!”

Anthony Gibbs, Musician/Producer and Lighting Designer at SurprisinglySimple

“I have been following Amy Williams and Parenting Through Prana for about 6 months now. This was my first introduction to Pranic Healing, and I admit that I was initially a little skeptical, but after practicing the forgiveness exercises through Amy's videos, I saw and felt big changes in our family dynamics. Amy is so gifted at being able to relate to parents without any judgment at all, and giving them practical tools that WORK! I highly recommend working with Amy if you want to heal your relationship with your Self and make lasting changes in how you show up in your parenting! ”

Owner and Founder at Sacred Space Healing Arts - Jessica Robinson, Ayurvedic Health Coach

“I have been working with Amy somewhat consistently for several years. She has done several Pranic healing sessions for me personally for different issues and I have always had significant improvement in a short time, regardless of the issue. One incident in particular involved my child. We all have our bad days, but there was a day when my oldest daughter was just inconsolable. She was hiding behind the couch, screaming, refusing to eat, you name it. In desperation I reached out to Amy and she intervened from her home, worked a little Pranic healing, and it was like flipping a switch. My daughter settled down, came out from behind the couch, gave me a hug and apologized, and then proceeded to eat everything I gave her, a healthy dinner.”

Amanda Brundige, yoga Instructor and Mother of 3